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Swedish Massage


Manage stress and promote wellness with our signature Balanced Body Massage 

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“The greatest wealth is health”


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Cornerstones of a Balanced Life include:
Physical fitness – exercise, nutrition & lifestyle.
Emotional fitness – attitude, language, story.
Mental Fitness - focus, learning, & growth.
Spiritual fitness – gratitude, awareness & meditation.


Nashville- Amy is trained in full body massage including myofascial release and manual lymphatic drainage. She is also gerontology certified, dementia care. 
Nashville - Robin offers full body massage that focuses on pain relief, creating space and mobility within the body while incorporating pressure point therapy, stretching techniques, deep tissue work and sports therapy movements.

White House - Kelley is trained in full body relaxation with focus on therapeutic work including deep tissue. Also provides Prenatal massage.
White House - Micah is trained with focus on full body relaxation. 

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